Having built his own studio at 18, Will Barnes has plenty of experience when it comes to recording music. With a precise ear for producing the best possible sound quality and a wealth of knowledge and feel when it comes to making music he is the perfect producer for any project.

If you are looking for a producer to help build a single, EP or album don't hesitate to get in contact. Will is able to offer a full range of production options, from one on one writing sessions to full studio project managing.

Take a listen to some recent projects Will has been involved with:

Artist: Beth Prior

Project: Little Acts of Kindness (full studio album)

The Band: Beth Prior (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Will Barnes (Guitar), Chris Clark (Bass), Dunk Burns (Drums), (Sax), (Trumpet), (Acordian)

Details: Beth came to Will with a full album written (vocals and melody), she wanted to expand from solo artist to a full band act. Will took her ideas and built the sound she was looking for.

Artist: Dai Robs

Project: Dai Robs (full studio album)

The Band: Dai Robs (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Will Barnes (Guitar), Chris Clark (Bass), Josh Davies (Drums), (Piano)


Artist: Alex Davies (featuring Gypsy Fire and Too Many T's)

Project: Landlord (Single)

The Band: Alex Davies (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Will Barnes (Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Bass), Josh Davies (Drums), Paul Jefferies (Double Bass), Ben Holder (Violin), Stuart Carter-Smith (Jazz Guitar), Ross Standaloft (Vocals) Leon Rhymes (Vocals)


Artist: Alex Davies

Project:  (Single)

The Band: Alex Davies (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Will Barnes (Guitar, Bass), Josh Davies (Drums)


Artist: Will Barnes and DeeJay

Project:  (Single)